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How to build GIMP 2.7.5 using MinGW in Windows 32-bits

Hi! As part of my work to implement OpenCL in GEGL and GIMP, I have to compile it for Windows, and it’s no easy task. I’ll describe here the step-by-step how to build GEGL and GIMP from Git. Maybe this … Continue reading

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OpenCL on GEGL: Results up to now

Hello everyone! I’m glad to show you the results up to now of my GSoC project about adding OpenCL support to the General Graphics Library. What I’ve done GEGL has two basic data types: GeglTile GeglBuffer A GeglBuffer can be … Continue reading

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The Limits of Understanding

    About This Video This statement is false. Think about it, and it makes your head hurt. If it’s true, it’s false. If it’s false, it’s true. In 1931, Austrian logician Kurt Gödel shocked the worlds of mathematics and … Continue reading

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People are entirely too disbelieving of coincidence. They are far too ready to dismiss it and to build arcane structures of extremely rickety substance in order to avoid it. I, on the other hand, see coincidence everywhere as an inevitable … Continue reading

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Can a machine have a soul?

Alan, You really have thought about everything, who knows how the world would be if you had lived. Thinking is a function of man’s immortal soul In attempting to construct such machines we should not be irreverently usurping His power … Continue reading

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Aleatório semanal

      Solimão I    

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Brute Force Exact Euclidian Distance Transform in CUDA

Hi! Following a discussion in Reddit about the Distance Transform in GPU, I decided to post a implementation I made some time ago. It’s the brute force euclidian distance transform. Basically, in a binary image, for each pixel in the … Continue reading

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Google Summer of Code : OpenCL in GEGL

Hello everyone, I`m going to use my personal blog to register my steps in the wonderful world of my GSoC project. I`m going to implement OpenCL support in the Generic Graphics Library. For those who doesn`t know, OpenCL is a … Continue reading

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Animes: Legend of the Galactic Heroes

“Legend of the Galactic Heroes” foi um anime que eu vi nas últimas férias, antes de mais nada vou colocar alguns números sobre a série: 2 filmes OVA de 110 episódios outro OVA com 52 episódios infinitos mangás e livros … Continue reading

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Uma visão do futuro

Eis que um certo dia, tive um sonho estranho, daqueles que não se entende no exato momento em que se acorda, mas que conforme passam os dias, as lacunas são preenchidas e o significado vai ficando mais claro – ou … Continue reading

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